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Archive of: Multicultural

Instagram's First Lesbian Web Series

1 lift, 2 girls, 100 10 second episodes.

Mixed Reactions To The First Lesbian Kiss On Indian Television

This show is helping to raise the profile of same sex relationships in India.

Revising Queer Immigrant Dreams

A new lesbian film is putting an unseen demographic on the big screen.

Skin Deep

Mark Segal's memoir, And Then I Danced, has been recently released, and is receiving wonderful critical acclaim. To see what got him here today, let’s look at where he’s come from.

Two Important Dates for LGBTs in October

Why October 11th and 12th are so important.

White Lesbian Couple and Their Biracial Daughter

A mix up created a mixed child...

Stonewalling Stonewall

A slightly whiter version than the original.

Cooking With Muxes, Mexico’s Third Gender

Learn more about muxes in Juchitán who identify neither as men nor women.

Moving Forward from Marriage Equality

Do we really have complete equality?


It's taken a long time but finally shows like OITNB are taking a stand and exploring reality.