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Book Reviews: Fantasy

Deep Merge by Linda North

Science Fiction that will transport you across the galaxy to explore a lesbian world under threat which can only be saved by the merging of two very different cultures.

Wisdom Beyond Her Years by J-L Heylen

The Wisdom Series books 1-3.

When Women Were Warriors by Catherine Wilson

Audio Book:This is a good fantasy novel about a young girl growing up in a sisterhood of warriors. There is war, romance, bickering, jealousy, loss, and loyalty

Shell Game by Benny Lawrence

The story is set in a world which has seen civil war for a long time. When Darren, a pirate queen, takes Lynn, a village girl from a remote fishing town, away on her ship, all seems set for a drama around the lowly slave and the mighty pirate queen

Ghost Trio by Lillian Q. Irwin

Lee stands on the beach near the castle and suddenly hears Davorah’s voice singing. Is it the grief, the medication she has been on, or is she going crazy.

Amazon Companion by Robin Roseau

A gripping fantasy with valiant Amazons, dark demons and a schoolmarm. Robyn Roseau has created a wonderful world where the Amazons are so successful the demons have fled and locals have forgotten their contact to tithe - recruits

The Deception Engine 1 by J-L Heylen

Tongue-in-cheek Victorian Steampunk, yes indeed Steampunk. A large chunk of humour and wonderful funny chapter headings which alone make this book worthy of attention

For Want of a Fiend by Barbara Ann Wright

Princess Katya Nar Umbriel’s uncle Roland rose from the grave, kidnapped her cousin, and stripped her of her greatest weapon—her Fiendish power. Without her Fiend, Katya doubts her ability to weather the storm her uncle is brewing. When she lacks what even the children in her family possess, can she even call herself an Umbriel?

Page Turner: Akinfe Fatou

The out poet explores the sensual and the physical in “Swoon.”