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Archive of: Humor

Ask A Lesbian Couple

We answer a few of the questions you always wanted to ask a lesbian couple but were too afraid they'd throw a punch.

Cats vs. Cucumbers vs. Lesbians

Is it wrong to scare your cats with a cucumber?

Staying With the Family: How to Make it Out Alive

Lacie and Robin grabble with the age-old question of how to stay with blood without spilling blood.

One drink

How do we move on gracefully after a break up? I go out for the first time after months of heartbreak and discover that graceful or not, moving forward is an adventure.

Mall Phobia and Epic Shopping

We all have shopping limits!

We Accidentally Stole a Toaster Oven

What Would You Do?

Is Costco Ruining Your Sex Life?

Is buying in bulk killing the romance?

Lesbian Fashion Intervention

What fashion interventions have you had to perform?

Coming Out Of The Closet...Again

What happens when comedian wives Lacie and Robin come out to corporations?

No, I’m Not Reading your T-shirt…I’m Looking at Your Tits!

Or, Why Can’t Lesbians be Horn Dogs?