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Archive of: Humor

Lacie And Robin On How They Met

Everyone loves hearing about a couple's encounter.

Lacie And Robin Prank Call Mississippi

Lacie and Robin call Mississippi to find out just what in tarnation is going on.

Lacie And Robin: Shocking Confessions Of A Guilty Wife

Lacie has been keeping something from Robin.

Drunk Lesbian History With Lacie And Robin

Lacie and Robin get high on Women's History Month.

Lacie And Robin Explain How To Be A Horrible Wife

We all have moments when we mess up in our relationships.

Lacie And Robin Are Hooked On Social Media

Lacie and Robin discuss their increasing addiction to social media.

Things My Ex Would Say About Me

After breaking up, what would your ex say about you?

Why Parties Suck According To Lacie And Robin

Do parties cause you anxiety? Lacie and Robin share their thoughts on why parties suck.

Lacie and Robin: Why It Gets Better As You Get Older

Lacie and Robin share some of the perks of aging.

Kara's Corner #10

The problem with crushing on soccer moms, housewives, and other straight eye candy.