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Archive of: Humor

They Gay Agenda Comic

Oh, you're gay?

The Gay Agenda Comic

Is this as sexy as you expected?

The Gay Agenda Comic

Straight-person Sandra has something to say.

The Gay Agenda

See the world through queer colored glasses.

The Gay Agenda

We were all thinking it.

11 Crazy Historical Contraceptives That You Don't Want Anywhere Near Your Private Parts

You'll never be so grateful that you live in the 21st Century.

Unladylike: New Podcast Trailer

Cristen and Caroline are research-addicted feminists who make digital media about all things gender.

Feeling Queery With Cameron Esposito

This chick is living and breathing comedy these days, so here's a look at her latest projects.

5 Cartoon Children That Make You Never Want To Have Kids IRL

They may only be drawings but they’re sure to give you 3D nightmares.

Queer Comedian Aims To Loosen The Bible Belt And Make Queer Kids Safe

Lesbian comedian Kristen Becker is on a mission to change the Bible Belt’s queerphobia.