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Archive of: Web Series

Queer Teen Hacker Alert!

Non-profit group Maven launches first ever tech camp for LGBTQ youth this summer.

My Big Fat Greek Coming Out

A Greek girl’s journey from the closest to self-acceptance and happiness.

Don't Call Me Pretty

A STEM coming out story.

Finding a Way Forward: Coming Out in Taiwan

In Taiwan, being a young butch lesbian can be a cultural challenge, especially when coming out to a family with traditional values. Pat Hsu shares her story with us.

The Life Of Someone Who's Always Been Single And How It Works:

''The Life Of Someone Who's Always Been Single And How It Works'' references personal experiences from coming out by asking Google for a gay quiz, having a roller-coaster type of relationship with a girlfriend, dating straight girls with no attachments and finally ''dating'', and the real meaning of the word, all tied up by friends in couples pressuring singles like me to be in a relationship.

New Resource for LGBTQ Youth who are Struggling with Coming Out

A site that provides LGBTQ youth and their allies with support, guidance, and community during their first coming out experiences.

Coming Out Story by Jacklyn

I knew he was leaving my life for good. I couldn’t blame him. But after spending over six years together, I just thought I would still take some place in his.

My Story

When I was a little girl, I thought I was a boy.