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Archive of: Web Series

LGBT Shame

How it ultimately affects everyone.

Glory Days

An excerpt from author Susan E. Gilmore’s The Peace Seeker: One Woman’s Battle in the Church’s War on Homosexuality.

‘Breaking Through’ In Politics

The award-winning documentary Breaking Through comes to DVD and VOD

Afraid to Come Out?

Gay Pride 2014 is the Perfect time to BUST OUT of that Closet Baby!

Queer Teen Hacker Alert!

Non-profit group Maven launches first ever tech camp for LGBTQ youth this summer.

My Big Fat Greek Coming Out

A Greek girl’s journey from the closest to self-acceptance and happiness.

Don't Call Me Pretty

A STEM coming out story.

Finding a Way Forward: Coming Out in Taiwan

In Taiwan, being a young butch lesbian can be a cultural challenge, especially when coming out to a family with traditional values. Pat Hsu shares her story with us.

The Life Of Someone Who's Always Been Single And How It Works:

''The Life Of Someone Who's Always Been Single And How It Works'' references personal experiences from coming out by asking Google for a gay quiz, having a roller-coaster type of relationship with a girlfriend, dating straight girls with no attachments and finally ''dating'', and the real meaning of the word, all tied up by friends in couples pressuring singles like me to be in a relationship.

New Resource for LGBTQ Youth who are Struggling with Coming Out

A site that provides LGBTQ youth and their allies with support, guidance, and community during their first coming out experiences.