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Archive of: Transgender and Intersex

Bully Bloggers Are Neither Radical Nor Feminist

Transphobia is a form of Feminist Self Loathing.

It’s Trans Time

A new exhibition combines art and activism around trans identity.

Straight Talk About Trans Kids

As lesbians, how do we understand and talk about transgender children?

Memoir Tells Two Sides of Transition

Queerly Beloved: A Love Story Across Genders, by Diane and Jacob Anderson-Minshall

Trans March Retains its Activist Edge in a More Vibrant and Rebel-Minded Event

Remember the mantra-Keep Calm and Trans March on!

Gender Transitions Captured Through a Camera Lens

Transgender couple presents photographs of their opposite transitions.

Sam Berliner’s Short Film

Astutely observed and sweetly compelling, a universally relatable film series about trans dating.

My Personal Struggle With Trans Acceptance

As a gay woman, I felt transgenderism was homophobic and sexist. It took a while to understand that it's neither.

New Exhibit Highlights Historical Trans Kids Lit

Tomboys and Trans Kids.

“What’s between your legs?” is the New “So, what do you do in bed?”

Transgender in the Media