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Archive of: Senior Lesbians

Ferron: On Ageing, Acceptance, and the Granny Drug

Part three (final)

Ferron: On Ageing, Our Generation, and Active Compassion (Part Two)

To make something beautiful every day is an act of gratitude.

Ferron's Music Is The Soundtrack To Many Lesbian Lives

Ferron: On Ageing, Active Compassion, and the Evolution of DNA. (Part 1 of 3)

Long-Lived Lesbians

We're LBGold (lesbian, bisexual, gay, and old) and prouder than ever.

First Resort LGBT Retirement Community Opens

Regional Elected Officials and LGBT Leaders Attend Grand Opening on November 20

Get Intimate with SONiA Rutstein

In the wake of her new album, Broken Film, SONiA goes in-depth on the 2008 financial crisis and then gets personal on why she makes music.

Two of Us: Dominique & Laurie

Dominique Cardona and Laurie Colbert, co-directors of the highly-anticipated lesbian film Margarita, dish on falling in love and telling our stories.

When One of Us Dies

Another wonderful thing about being gay is that we usually maintain friendships with our exes

Lesbians and Retirement: Saving for the Future

Lisa B. Siegel, Senior Wealth Planner at Wells Fargo, is ready to help!

Granny's Got Your Back

Older activists who refuse to take injustice sitting down are taking to the streets.