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Archive of: Senior Lesbians

The Year In Long-Lived Lesbians

Highlights of 2015's Long-Lived Lesbians column.

BOLDfest: The new Michigan? (Part two)

Dragonboating is a microcosm of the BOLD experience; pushing yourself hard and doing something different.

BOLDfest: The new Michigan? (Part one)

Not your grandma’s lesbian festival

We Are All French

Nous sommes tous Français.

How Do You Define ‘Lesbian’?

“We are everywhere.” True or False?

Do We Still Need Lesbian Spaces?

“Women’s space is about more than finding a potential partner; it is a place to feel empowered.”

Long-Lived Lesbians Do It Digitally: Comparing Curve in 3 Formats

Pros and cons of print, app, and online edition.

Long-Lived Lesbians Do It Digitally: Curve Apps for Tablets

Losing my app-virginity was harder and more painful than any other first-time experience.

Long-Lived Lesbians Do It Digitally: Three Easy Steps

The era of e-reading is here, despite my efforts.

Long-Lived Lesbian Festival: The Last MichFest (part 2)

For LLLs, Michigan is the ultimate community celebration.