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The Obama Hangover: He Supports Gay Marriage - Now What?

We finally have some change we can believe in. Does the change equal the hype?

Ask Kirsten: How Do I Plan My Wedding Around Football?

Equally Wed's editor answers how to plan a wedding around college football season.

Ask Kirsten: Who Should Propose?

Equallywed's editor in chief shares her expertise on all the tricky questions that come up when you're tying the knot.

How to Choose Your Wedding Suit

Be the best dressed butch at your wedding.

Study Shows Zero Percent of Lesbian Moms are Abusive

The longest-running study of lesbian families, recently reported that the rate of abused children in those families is far lower than the national average.

Hot Summer Wedding Tips

Curvettes share their tips for planning a wedding and getting married on a budget.

Engagement Ring Alternatives

Don't want to wear a conflict diamond? Here's a guide to a number of equally attractive alternatives.

Lesbian Wedding Websites

If you're recently engaged, or thinking of getting hitched, check out these lesbian-friendly websites.

Lesbian Wedding Etiquette

Fun advice to get you through that special day.

On the Down Low

Why some African American lesbians find it hard to come out to their families and communities.