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Archive of: Art

A Tailored Life

Tips and tricks to tailoring your wardrobe by a well-suited butch.

Dewberries Boutique and Lounge Opens

Check out this hot new lesbian-owned shop in L.A.

Breaking the Bathroom Binary

Alex Smith, a San Francisco-based queer/transgender artist and activist, tells Curve about the "trials and tribulations of a boi's bathroom". His large-scale, oil-on-steel, five-piece series (one shown here) shows us gender-benders how to avoid getting crap in the crapper.

Jess Dobkin Pieces It Together

Provocative lesbian-feminist performance artist extraordinaire Jess Dobkin is a fascinating study in juxtapositions. She is a caring mother of a toddler yet also a lesbian who publicly—and proudly—embraces feminism.

Interview with Chris Carraher, aka Jack Dandy

Chris Carraher, aka Jack Dandy, is an ecological activist and visual artist whose work centers around her home: the vast desert that lies near the mouth of Joshua Tree National park, which Carraher describes as “having one foot in the wilderness and one in civilization.”

A Pink City Protégé

Mademoiselle Kat brings her women to the streets.

Artistic Activist CD Kirven

C.D. Kirven, an African-American lesbian activist, has been unstoppable since age 16, when her article about corporal punishment in schools published in the “Dallas Teen Age” was a catalyst to restricting the then-common practice in her native Texas.

Ten Reasons We Love Julie Tolentino

This performance artist has got us looking.

Living in the Moment

Melanie Bilenker's art imitates life.

The Whole Storey

She’s the creative drive behind the cover art for Tegan and Sara’s latest album, “Sainthood.” Now, Emy Storey opens up about her design style, her fans and the visual concept behind the new album.