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Archive of: Art

I Tried It: Diva Magazine's Body Positive Swimsuit Shoot

What it's like to be in a fashion shoot that aims for real, untouched beauty.

Saint Harridan Suits You

Designer Mary Going and her form fitting suits made just for you.

Fund This: Restore Re/Dress

Fat-shionista Rachel Kacenjar sets out to restore a beloved plus-size clothing store.

Rebecca’s Secret

Lesbian designer Rebecca Szymczak branches out into feel-good lingerie.

Think Pink at the Register

Twelve ways to support breast cancer research this month.

Two of Us: Sarah and Misty

Southern lesbians Sarah Jane Moecker, 28, and Misty Lee Branch, 27, started the clothing company Proud Threads while still keeping our day jobs, and each other.

Lesbian Designer Shelia Rashid Gives Us Harem Couture

The up-and-coming designer channels androgynous femininity in her latest clothing line.

Molly Landreth Shoots the Real Story

This Seattle shooter’s queer photo projects have a mission: Get it right.

Watch: Stella and Lucy Go Office Lesbian Chic

Our fashion experts have the latest power lez report on fierce workplace fashion.

Chatting Up Fashion Star Winner Kara Laricks

This out designer took her queer inspired aesthetic all the way to the bank.