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Archive of: Art

The Whole Storey

She’s the creative drive behind the cover art for Tegan and Sara’s latest album, “Sainthood.” Now, Emy Storey opens up about her design style, her fans and the visual concept behind the new album.

Welcome Home to the Michigan Womyns Festival

Photographer Angela Jimenez shares her stunning behind the scenes festival photos.

Wearable Art

Helen Stewart creates one-of-a-kind jewelry, that soothes the eye and heals the soul.

You Can Build Your Nest and Give to Charity, Too

Nonprofit online store 'Nest' makes retail therapy good for the world.

Corey Aughtry

Exploring androgyny and gender-bending through self portraiture.

Teresa Brazen

Venezuala-native Teresa Brazen showcases her amazing work and her doodle-a-day project.

Sheryl McDougald

Sheryl McDougald puts the gay back into Renaissance art.

Runway Baby

Get ready for Project Runway by reading up on a former star, sexy Marie Salter.

Yes, Size Matters

Brooklyn’s loss, Portland’s gain: lesbian designer Bertha Pearl.

Model Behavior

These queer models show just how fierce lesbians can be on the catwalk.