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Archive of: Music Reviews

Don’t Miss Corday’s “Heartbeat” Music Video

This super sexy video stars actress L.E. Wallace.

Lesley Gore, Out There On Her Own

A personal tribute to the late pop star

BETTY's Perfect Harmony

A shared passion for social justice and a love of music has kept BETTY rocking for 30 years.

Melissa Etheridge: Essentially Human

Melissa Etheridge on dreaming in red, her true love, and why she won’t eat meat.

Lesbian Rockers Hunter Valentine Say Farewell

Leaving a piece of their hearts

Everyone Loves Tegan and Sara

With their latest album, the pop duo gains the success they deserve.

Mad About Madison Paige

Meet model-turned-music sensation Madison Paige

Cyndi Lauper Goes Country

A welcome detour

Dolly Parton, Pure And Simple

Her latest solo album sends out a message of love.

From The Heart With Chely Wright

After some major milestones, Chely Wright is back with a new album.