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Archive of: Performing Art

Catey Shaw's New Video is Pop Magic

Don't miss this Pop Princess' newest video!

Brandi Carlile On Tour Now

Check out the full schedule

Holly Miranda's Exclusive Video for "All I Want Is To Be Your Girl" Has Arrived

You won't want to miss this new video

Antigone Rising Launches Girl Bands Rock Foundation

Let's help educate and inspire young girls around the world to accomplish their goals!

In Praise of the First Lesbian in the White House

Eleanor Comes Alive Through Terry Baum

Inspiring Dialogue

Rising up against the status quo.

Note from Ms. Garbo, Judy at Dixon

Nobody hated Louis B. Mayer [MGM studio chief] more than I.

A Slave Trader Who is Not a Wretch Like Me

Amazing Grace tells the story of the slave trader turned abolitionist John Newton in his journey to write the song that is the show’s title.

Murderous Secretaries and Irish Isolation

GayFest! returns to Philadelphia with major lesbian offerings.

Sharing the Absurd

Meeting Challenges Head-On