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Santa Claus Comes Out

A new hilarious play unveils the truth about jolly old Saint Nick and what really makes the Yuletide gay.

Cavanagh Shines in "Jubilee"

Sapphic fave Megan Cavanagh hits the stage in a modern rendition of the 1935 hit Broadway musical.

Stripping the Layers of Identity

Trans butch performer Kestryl Cael explores gender identity in the visionary one-man show "XY(T)."

Scott Turner Schofield Chooses His Own Adventure

The performance artist talks gender, aerial acrobatics and his show "Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps."

And Sophie Comes Too

Meryl Cohn delivers laughter and heart with a new play.

Art on the Fringe

Fringe festivals give female performers permission to experiment.

Odalys Nanin Gets Naked

A Long Running Off-Broadway Production Gets a Sapphic Makeover.

Betsy Bosen, Burlesque or Bust

The self-proclaimed Peruvian Princess of Burlesque gives us a peek behind the scenes.

Broadway Backwards 4: Queers Take Manhattan

Broadway goes gay-er for a good cause with a gender-bending fundraiser.

Two Hot Women in a Tent

A Beautiful View challenges and defies expectations.