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How Well Do You Know The Person You’re Dating?

Five ways to help you spot the wrong girl.

9 Holiday Gifts For The Lesbian Pet Lover

Perfect gifts for your cat groomer, girlfriend, or that cute gay barista who always shows your pictures of his poodle.

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The Number One Reason We Abandon Ourselves in Relationships

What happens in relationships when unresolved grief flows underneath everything?

Monogamy Reframed

Where do you draw the line on monogamy?

Happy HoliGays!

There’s no place like home with your queer family.

November Online Horoscope 2017

Check out this months horoscope!

Halloween Costumes For The Feminist Dog

The top 9 Halloween costumes for your furry friends!

October Online Horoscope 2017

Give a little boo to you-know-who this Fall as both Mars and Venus glide from earthy Virgo into flirty Libra.