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Archive of: Sex and Relationships

7 Suggestions For A Good Lickin'

The cunnilingus countdown.

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How do we know the difference between normal relationship stuff and signs that she’s not the one for us?

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Lacie and Robin run through a few signs that might mean you're codependent.

Thrill Of The Chase

Why are so many women so illustrious?

LEZZ TALK “Lesbian Bed Death”

Lesbian spiritual guide, Tyffany, discusses reviving sex drive.

The Search For Female Desire

Lesbian women have more orgasms than their heterosexual and bisexual counterparts.

How to Break Up with a Lesbian...Once

Efficiency in "Queer Adulting"

The Ultimate Romantic Guide To A Night In

A romantic night that won't break the bank.

Lube Love

Your guide to getting wet.

Mindfully Starting Over This New Year

How do we take losses like a break up and turn them into learning experiences?