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Festive Holiday Proposal Ideas

8 ways to make your sweetie swoon this season

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Mona & Vanessa’s Puerto Vallarta wedding.

NOT Breaking with Tradition!

5 Ideas for Incorporating 'Something Old' into Your Ceremony

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My love-hate affair with weddings—even my own!

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Wedding Theme Colors for your Special Day.

The "Just Married" Game

Q&A Card Game for You & Yours

Victory Is Sweet

The past few days have been a whirlwind of giddy, still-in-shock wonder. The Supreme Court’s decision to—well, not decide—has made my marriage legal and real.

Tax Advice for Newlyweds

What does the Supreme Court same-sex marriage appeal denial mean for same-sex couple tax filers?

7 Tips to Serving Great Frozen Drinks at Your Party

Handy tips for your wedding party!

Customs Inspection!

Choosing Rituals & Polish for Your Unforgettable Ceremony.