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Teen-Lesbian-Werewolf Film Jack and Diane

Riley Keough and Juno Temple star in this supernatural-themed love story.

Watch: Charlotte Bunch Reflects on the Complexities of the Women's Movement

Coming out as a lesbian during the women's liberation was an act that showed fearlessness and unity among women like Bunch who fought for their rights.

Watch: Ellen DeGeneres Reflects on Her Self-Acceptance

She's come a long way from playing the first gay character on TV. Watch Ellen discuss the big moments along her journey.

Watch: Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace Discusses Coming Out as Transgender

At 31, formerly Tom Gabel of Against Me!, Grace shares with MTV the transformative experience of coming out.

Watch: Azealia Banks' Hot New Music Video for "Liquorice"

The bodacious bisexual rapper is all things American in her new music video

Watch: Dr. Susan Love on Realizing She Was Gay

The medical pioneer who's greatly paved the path for breast cancer research and prevention discusses her switch from men to women

Watch: Journalist Kara Swisher Talks About Being Out

The tech-savvy columnist shares what it means to be out as part of the Makers project, a website that archives inspiring moments in herstory.


Take a look at the gripping new lesbian film by Lauren Fash, based on a true story

Watch: East Meets West in Season 3 of the Real L Word

It's almost time for our favorite Showtime reality show to take all that California love, sex and drama to a new coast—the east coast.

Watch: Garrison Starr’s New Video “Between the Devil’s Rain and a Dying Language”

Take a peek at Garrison Starr’s latest music video off her new album, Amateur.