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Go Behind-the-Scenes of The Real L Word

Get ready for the June 20 premiere of Showtime's hot new lesbian series, The Real L Word with all the latest behind-the-scenes clips, trailers and one-on-one interviews with the cast

Shopping by Peter A. Cross

“Shopping” is a very short (6 min.) film about two women who first see each other as young children in the grocery store. One reaches out to the other, and we notice her beautiful bracelet.

Erika Randall Beahm and Jennifer Bechtel's 'Leading Ladies'

There are two things that I love—music and dancing. This film has both in abundance!

Jenny's Wedding: A Roadmap for LGBT People and their Parents

Lesbian film Jenny's Wedding tells PFLAG's story.

If Blue isn’t Your Favorite Color, it Soon Will Be!

I almost wish I could lobotomize the part of my brain that saw it, just so I can go back and watch it again for the first time.

A Family Affair by Helen Lesnick

Should I go with the good girl or the bad girl?

In Their Absence by Tina Cesa Ward

Love found, love lost.

52 Reasons to Go to the Movies

Unique for its unconventional shooting schedule '52 Tuesdays' was filmed in Adelaide over the course of a year - once a week only, and only ever on a Tuesday.

No One Is Who They Seem. Not Even You

A Pig in Pandora’s Box.

Kissing Jessica Stein

Fed Up With Men--Date a Woman! Heather Juergensen and Jennifer Westfeldt