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Q+A Liz Ballie

The queer indie illustrator and cartoonist talks gender, sexuality and representation of LGBT youth.

The Great Divide: Chick-Lit and Queer Chicks

One curvette’s hunt for light lesbian fiction in a sea of chick-lit and bodice rippers.

KG MacGregor and JLee Meyer Talk Lesbian Lit

Two literary insiders discuss each other’s books, awards and smartass characters.

Staceyann Chin Tells It Like It Is

The award-winning slam poet and performer on her new memoir, coming out and why she credits it all to her grandmother.

11 Reasons to Love Kim Baldwin

The release of the out novelist's new book trailer, Thief of Always, reminds us of the 10 reasons we love her, and gives us one more!

Healthy Relationships 101

Author of The Purpose of Love on how to improve yourself and your most important relationship.

Books We Shouldn’t Have Missed in 2008

Looking Both Ways with Jennifer Baumgardner

The co-author of Manifesta just won’t pick a team — and she shouldn’t have to.

Lit Picks

Check out some of our book picks.

Lipstick & Dipstick's International Book Tour!

Curve advice gurus Lipstick & Dipstick's hit the road on their International Book Tour, which took them from Canada all the way to Boston and so many places in between.