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Behind "A Darker Domain"

The Award-winning crime writer shares some insight into the inspiration behind her latest novel.

Bitchfest With Andi Zeisler

Feminist pop culture critic and aficionado Andi Zeisler talks the state of entertainment, queer representation and why she just can't leave her Facebook alone.

The Next Generation

Author Michelle Tea chats about the future of Sister Spit.

Taking Home the Literary Gold

Both new and veteran names round out the list of this years award-winning queer writers.

14 Great Foreign Thrillers

Queer and feminist themes show up in these new novels by authors born or bred abroad.

False Positive

M/M romances tap into an unlikely market.

Curve’s First Lesbro

Gay NPR commentator Marc Acito dishes on girl-girl action, chick lit and Selma Hayek’s boobs.

My First Win

Lammy award winning author Jenny Block shares what it was like to get the gold.

Q+A Liz Ballie

The queer indie illustrator and cartoonist talks gender, sexuality and representation of LGBT youth.

The Great Divide: Chick-Lit and Queer Chicks

One curvette’s hunt for light lesbian fiction in a sea of chick-lit and bodice rippers.