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The Film to make a big difference for the Russian LGBTIQ Community

Warmest wishes to your from Russia. Even though it’s very cold over here now, we have very warm hearts!

The Devotion Project

Latest film ‘Foremost In My Mind’ features American Olympian Gail Marquis

Wish Me Away (2011)

“There’s nobody quite as mean as people being mean for Jesus.” (Rev. Dr. Welton Gaddy, Chely Wright’s spiritual advisor)

Stud Life

This movie touches upon the stereotypes of butch and femme.

Salt: A Fatal Attraction

Stacy Haiduk, Alexandra Wilson, Bradford Tatum

Sexual Tension: Violetas

Starring Ana Lucia and Candela Garcia Redin Buy on Amazon or TLA Video *****IN SPANISH*****

Louise + Her Lover

Starring Julie Howe, Morgan Powell, Deirdre Helihy

My Little Friend

My Little Friend is about two friends who went to school together and went their separate ways for ten years. Now after ten years Emily comes back to town with her boyfriend and runs into her friend Amy.

Woman’s Lake

Set in the picturesque hinterlands of Northern Berlin, Zoltan Paul’s quirky German drama, Woman’s Lake(aka Frauensee), is visually distinctive as the film incessantly wades throughmiles of tranquil lake


Ashley is a 17 year old lesbian girl growing up in a very dysfunctional home. Her father is dead and her mother is a drunk. Ashley’s mother blames her for everything wrong in their lives.