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Stud Life

British writer/director Campbell X Depicts Urban Queer London’s Stud Life on the Silver Screen

Second Shot

The out actor serves up the deets on her new sitcom.

Stream the New Lesbian Film "Strange Frame" Now!

Check out this groundbreaking full-length animated sci-fi lesbian musical created by out musician Shelley Doty.

Heather Connell Focuses her Lens on Untold Stories

Meet the documentary filmmaker who gives a voice to those who often go unheard.

This is What a Lesbian Looks Like: Amy Lamé

Former Jersey-girl, author, performer and broadcaster Amy Lamé on living large across the pond.

Chatting Up: "Kiss Me" Producer Josefine Tengblad

The Swedish filmmaker uses cinema to reflect her own true lesbian love story. Plus, find out how to stream the film now!

Sapphic Screen: Katherine Brooks

One of our favorite filmmakers throws down the gauntlet to her Facebook friends in her latest documentary Face2Face."


Step into director Brian De Palma's world of revenge, power and lust in his newest film starring Noomi Rapace and Rachel McAdams.

The Incredible Girl Rocks Our World

Slip into the sexy world of bar-encounters with this new lesbian short.

Desiree Lim is in "The House"

Meet the Canadian-Chinese, lesbian filmmaker behind the mind-bending thriller.