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The “Real” Thing

What makes real lesbian writing?

Diamonds by Gwen Leader (Chapter Three)

The Selbright Mysteries; Book One

Crossing Borders

Joan Nestle guest edits landmark lesbian journal Sinister Wisdom on the theme of exile.

Immortal Words: Lesbians in Vampire Fiction

The transformation of lesbians in popular literature.

Diamonds by Gwen Leader (Chapter Two)

The Selbright Mysteries; Book One

Girls With Green Eyes

Are you a romantic heroine? Unlikely.

Diamonds by Gwen Leader (Chapter One)

The Selbright Mysteries; Book One

“Genius Grant” Winners a Win For Lesbian Culture

Alison Bechdel and Mary Bonauto have won prestigious MacArthur Fellowship Awards.

Back to School

Lesbian Lit 101

The Romance of Poetry

Celebrating Lesbian Love