May 13, 2010
12:28 PM

Louisiana Tid-Bits

Louisiana Tid-Bits

Here are observations from spending a week in Louisiana:

1. The best way to read a book is on a porch swing.

2. It possible to fry all types of food: from gizzards to shrimp to vegetables.

3. Alligators are road kill near the bayou. 

4. The neighborhood areas of Louisiana look like the set of Forrest Gump (which was in Alabama, but for Yankees it's close enough).

5. Folks in the deep South still call Northerners "Yankees."

6. Cajun accents sound a lot like Brooklyn accents.

7. One should question the usefulness of exerting effort when its 95 degrees with 100 percent humidity.

8. Life is much more pleasant on eight to nine hours of sleep daily.

9. If you are working so hard that its stressful, then its probably not worth the effort.

I'm hoping to take a more laid back approach to life in N.Y.C.! 


Blogger Bio: Lauren LoGiudice is an actor, model, performance artist, writer, host, producer, improv comedian and amateur chef. A native New Yorker—born in Queens, now living out in Brooklyn—who likes to shake the dust of the outer boroughs off to travel the world, living and working in places that range from India to Mexico to Italy. Part of the slim minority who does not like bacon, potato chips or milk chocolate. Often seen in farmer’s markets trolling for and the latest weird vegetable. Eats her greens. (

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