December 2009

Getting Lost With Sara Quin


Getting Lost With Sara Quin

The holidays are a time to reminisce and this has been one hell of a year. My first Curve cover, the 2009 Music Issue featuring Tegan and Sara, was a milestone for me. It began as a short profile, was upgraded to a feature and I still ended up cutting a lot of interesting stuff. Like the time I kidnapped Sara and almost made her late for the show.“You have a car?” she had asked nonchalantly as we walked with the rest of the band toward a nameless Pan-Asian noodle house for some pre-gig nosh. I smiled devilishly. A car is a great place to ask intensely personal questions. It’s relatively quiet. There is no eye contact and if the artist wants to escape, they have to get a Hollywood stunt double to open the door and fall out of a moving vehicle for them.“I’d...

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Getting Down with Lez Zeppelin


Getting Down with Lez Zeppelin

“Octopus?” suggests guitarist Steph Paynes as she peruses a menu from the Greek restaurant Taxim in Wicker Park. We sit down at a tiny table by the window next to an enormous hookah. “I love octopus,” I answer. Rarely do my interviews include tentacles, or ouzo, or a gorgeous woman who impersonates Jimmy Page for a living. “There’s just something about it,” she explains. “It’s like a call to prayer. I hear the sound of an electric guitar and I’m done. But what really is an amazing byproduct of this, is seeing young kids at an all ages show lining the front of the stage. They’re 14 years old. They have long hair. Might as well be 1973. Might as well be Led Zeppelin. The difference is those young boys and girls too, are...

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 She’s Electric:  Movie Music Movement with Ky Dickens and Kaki King, Part II


She’s Electric: Movie Music Movement with Ky Dickens and Kaki King, Part II

We are back with Part II of Movie Music Movement where I sit down with Kaki King and discuss her musical contribution to the film, Fish Out of Water, a film that tackles the taboo subjects of religion and homosexuality. My first interview (with director Ky Dickens) discussed the mechanics of finding the right artist to score the film and also how to entice that individual with appropriate food and beverage choices.I can’t help it. Food is definitely on my mind today, the week before Thanksgiving, as Kaki King speaks to me from her familial home in Georgia. Her dog romps playfully in the background, begging for a ball to chase and I can almost hear the gravy bubbling on the stove. It is the perfect moment to discuss the recipe for an independent film score.“It was well after...

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Movie Music Movement with Ky Dickens and Kaki King, Part I


Movie Music Movement with Ky Dickens and Kaki King, Part I

The relationship between music and film is indisputable and as the compact disc goes the way of the dodo bird, artists are finding new and innovative ways to get their art to the masses. During the next two installments, I speak with independent filmmaker, Ky Dickens and indie rocker Kaki King about their collaboration on the new documentary Fish Out of Water which demonstrates the powerful way in which “lesbians, in different fields combine talents to create a social-justice piece.”“It’s easy, the first time you watch a film not to pay attention to the music,” admits Ky Dickens. “But I think [King] did a good job.” Tackling the seeming dissonance of religion and homosexuality, Fish Out of Water seeks to strike a balance and show the quiet...

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