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Why I Love ESPN

Oct 24, 2011 - 07:06 PM
Why I Love ESPN

I’m a sports junkie, so it makes sense that my favorite network on television is ESPN. But the reason I love ESPN isn’t just because I love sports. Sure, I watch Sportscenter every day to get my fix. But there’s more to ESPN than sports headlines, in-depth analysis and statistics. There’s the story beyond the story.

Since its inception, ESPN has continued to evolve and expand. It now covers every sport imaginable, from poker to soccer and everything in between. But it has also developed riveting investigative reporting shows such as Outside the Lines and E:60. These shows have a knack for finding the story beyond the sports story—the one that lingers in the background, in the bleachers, and on the sideline. And they’ve never been afraid to tackle the issues that other media outlets wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole. In fact, ESPN is the only network that has truly stepped up its game regarding the coverage of sexuality and gender issues in sports.

Just take a look at the recent ESPN film, Renee. What other network on television has the guts to air a sports documentary about a transgender women’s tennis player who shook up the tennis world in the 1970’s? Renee Richards broke down gender barriers when they weren’t even being discussed on the street, let alone the tennis court. The story of Renee Richards is so complex and intricate that the human element could have easily gotten lost in the mix. But ESPN handled it with the dignity and respect it deserved. It was an important moment in sports history — one that should never be forgotten.

That’s the reason why I love ESPN. Sports fanatics such as myself are not only treated to non-stop sports coverage every minute of every day, but we are also given the story beyond the court, field, ballpark and racetrack. We often learn that the story isn’t as black and white as we thought it was. But more importantly, we come to find that professional athletes are just as flawed and as human as the rest of us.

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Nov 12, 2011 03:07 pm
 Posted by  llana

I totally agree with you. I am a sports fanatic as well and have always loved the coverage that ESPN has provided. ESPN really does go above and beyond to give it's viewer all the information they can.

Dec 7, 2011 05:50 pm
 Posted by  jjwallingford

Growing up in Seattle, my brother and I went to every game we could. We usually spent most of our time at the Mariners. I have grown to love ESPN since its inception. Sometimes I wonder if I really love to travel, or if I just like watching cable in hotel rooms (I don't have cable at home). VIVA ESPN.

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