Apr 2, 2010
05:32 PM

Roommate Rx

Roommate Rx

I was at my girlfriend’s house over the weekend. She has a roommate. The roommate is very nice and very accommodating. She likes me and I like her. But, it’s a little awkward having sex at their apartment.

See, I live alone, and anything goes when my girlfriend is over at my place. We have free reign—and take advantage of that. However, the way her apartment is set up is railroad style, like many New York apartments. It’s one long stretch of space with several little rooms off to the sides. And, in this case, their actual bathroom is separate from the water closet, so her roommate has to go through my girlfriend’s bedroom (loft really) to get to the toilet.

This fact makes it a bit uncomfortable for my gal to engage in sex when we are up in her loft bed. Not that we don’t have sex there—we certainly do. In fact, we were wildly going at it this weekend when her roommate walked through the room. My girlfriend cringed. She says she could just die knowing that her roommate might hear us having sex. Might? I know she does, how can she not?

My girl explained to me that she doesn’t like hearing people she knows in a non-sexual way—parents, siblings, close friends and roommates—having sex. “It is unbelievably icky,” she said to me. Clearly my girlfriend is not a voyeur. I am, however, and I am also an exhibitionist, so I don’t mind at all when the roommate walks through. In fact, it inflames my desire and excitement and the whole scene makes for a heightened, more titillating experience.

My girlfriend does, however, muse about the contradiction of being sex-positive and yet feeling “caught” and embarrassed in these situations. Maybe she is just being modest, or is just plain responsible and respectful to her roommate about the whole thing. I say who cares? If it bothers her roomie, she needs to speak up and say something. And, if it bothers my girlfriend, she needs to come over to my place more often! 


Blogger Bio: Stephanie Schroeder is a dreamer, wanderer and writer based in Brooklyn, NY. She likes to exchange apartments with artists and other interesting folks from around the globe and travel in search of new friends and singular experiences. She makes purple a way of life and also fancies green, purple’s complementary color on the color wheel. (stephanieschroeder.com)

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