Nov 25, 2009
01:33 PM

No Bed Death Here

No Bed Death Here

“I’m still really interested in having sex with you,” I told my girlfriend very recently one morning after we had gone to bed early, dog-tired, sore from head to toe and one too many times turning away from each other in bed and slipping into a deep sleep. “I still want to have mad, steamy, hot sex with you—we can’t just keep sleeping next to each other and making the excuse of being tired from working all the time, even if we are.” Her face lit up—I think she had started to believe LBD was setting in. No way Jose. Been there, done that. I’m very interested in sex, thank you very much, and have no intention of letting it die in this relationship.

While there are many reasons to “put off” sex or save it for another time, I in no way believe that a pair of sexy, interesting, vibrant lesbians should ever, I repeat ever, let their sex life go downhill simply because they are tired. So, with that in mind, I went over to my girlfriend, who was sitting at my dining table and started kissing her. We went after it real good, tongues all the way down either other’s throats, pawing each other like we hadn’t seen each other for years and the wetness creeping, seeping into our respective underwear. I told her to fuck me and she ripped off my jeans and shoved her fingers inside me right there on the hard bench while I moaned and groaned and swore and pulled her hair and squeezed her tits. And then I took her over to my bed, strapped on a double dildo and pounded the living shit outta her—and me.

I love the double dildo—obviously it does twice the work for twice the fun. I get to fuck my girlfriend and be inside of her while the other end of the dildo is also inside of me and gets shoved in and out as my girlfriend fucks back

We ravished each other for a few hours and then we lie there together on my bed, on top of the blanket that serves as a sort of duvet or bedspread or whatever, hugging, all wet and sweaty with my entire apartment smelling like pussy. We were in holding each other really tight and promising each other we would never let weeks—or even a week—go by without fucking ever again.

And we haven’t!

Blogger Bio: Stephanie Schroeder is a dreamer, wanderer and writer based in Brooklyn, NY. She likes to exchange apartments with artists and other interesting folks from around the globe and travel in search of new friends and singular experiences. She makes purple a way of life and also fancies green, purple’s complementary color on the color wheel. (

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