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Twenty-Eight Days in Bushwick


Twenty-Eight Days in Bushwick

The power of the woman is empowering beyond imagination

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“I have something I need to tell you,” Ellen said over the phone.

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The Art of Loneliness: What’s Worse than Sitting in a Bar Alone?


The Art of Loneliness: What’s Worse than Sitting in a Bar Alone?

I like siting in a bar alone. No really, I do. Nothing is better on a Friday night than being single and having an appointment to stop by a bar after work to meet a friend, who is now 20 minutes late. And if you have to sit in a bar alone, the best kind of bar to sit alone in, is a lesbian bar. Particularly if you’re a single lesbian.  And it’s not just any lesbian bar, but a famous one in the Greenwich Village vicinity of New York City. And what makes this place explicitly special for the single lesbian is that it’s very small, forcing you to be shoulder-to-shoulder with nearly every occupant at any given time. So it’s notably poignant when nobody talks to you—or even says, “Excuse me,” when they rudely bump into you. And, if...

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Hair Today Gone Tomorrow


Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

“I’d like a man to cut my hair. A straight man,” I said to the salon receptionist. I was surprised by her shocked look at my un-PC request because the Astor Place Barbershop was an old fashioned institution, which did not display rainbow stickers during Pride—or any other time—to signal LGBTQ business was welcome. What triggered my special request was my long time coming to terms with the fact that women’s haircuts followed an unbending gender rule: Female hair must be styled into our faces, thus “framing” the face. Apparently showing full face is a masculine trait. Not only did every stylist follow this rule, they all had a covert design plan for my hair—whether it looked good on me or not. At the end of each haircut,...

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Lisa Haas is a comedy writer based in Brooklyn, NY. Her twisted-queer performance pieces have been seen in NYC, nationally and internationally. Some of those pieces include In HeatI Sit in the Café, and Stacked: A Deviant Doctoral Dissertation. She is also the co-author of the sketch comedy Rita & Inez: The True Queens of Femininity. A recipient of a Jerome Foundation Fellowship, she developed her solo comedy Crown Hill Cemetery, which was in the Piccolo Spoleto Festival, the Orlando International Fringe Festival and toured the Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver fringe festivals in 2009

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