The Ultimate Romantic Guide To A Night In

A romantic night that won't break the bank.


You’ve finally found the perfect girl. She makes you laugh, she’s caring, and completely adores you. To reciprocate that love and affection, you want to do something nice for her. So you ask yourself, what can I do to make her smile that beautiful smile? Women love to feel special and nothing is more special than a romantic, candle-lit night filled with passion and love. Going to a restaurant and getting drinks, appetizers, and entrees will run you a pretty penny. According to Fox News Magazine, a romantic night out can cost between $85 and $120, without dessert. Who can afford that? Instead of wasting your money on bad service, mediocre food, and millions of odd stares from the tables around you, skip the drama and prepare for your best performance at home.   

Step 1: The Set-Up

If you and your partner are usually busy, make sure you reserve this night for the both of you. Don’t particularly tell her exactly what’s going to happen, just pick the date and hint that you want to spend some quality time together. Do NOT forget this day! She’s going to be filled with excitement and curiosity leading to this day, so don’t blow it.

Step 2: The Menu

Everyone can’t be Rachel Ray or Paula Deen (and who wants to be?). First, find out what she really likes and tailor it down to an affordable grocery list. If she likes steak, you can purchase a cheap cut like flank or top round for about $11 for two steaks. Add a tasty marinade like teriyaki or Hawaiian (about $2), rice or potatoes, and some fresh vegetables (around $4) and you have yourself a decadent meal. The same goes for chicken or pork. If she’s a vegetarian, try an Asian stir-fry with colorful peppers, broccoli, corn, peas (basically whatever veggies are in season). You can still use a marinade and add rice or pasta to make it a complete dish. When choosing a drink of choice, look for something bubbly. Nothing says romance like champagne, so go with J. Roget Brut. It is only about $6 and the bottle is fancy enough to look expensive.

Step 3: Set the Mood 

This is by far the most important part. If you do this step correctly, she won’t care if your food is burnt to a crisp. Candles, candles, candles, I can’t say this enough. Candles create an inviting ambiance while setting the scene for ultimate romance. You can get candles anywhere, but I prefer the dollar store. Sounds cheap I know, but these are perfectly good candles with various scents for only $1. While you are at the dollar store, look around. There’s always something intriguing on the shelves like artificial rose petals, candy and chocolates, even whipped cream. Gather your romantic supplies and began the set up for ultimate seduction.

Start by making a trail of rose petals on the floor, or if you don’t want to clean that up later, sprinkle them all over the table. This will give your food a more attractive look. Place your candles the same way, scattered on the table or along the walkway. When she walks in, she’ll be taken back by the mood you’ve created. Have the table already set for her before she gets there and make sure the food is hot. Also, don’t forget to look nice. There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful set-up then you ruining it with your 80-year-old grandma pajamas. The rest of the night is all up to you. Introduce engaging conversation, talk about your hopes and dreams, even play a few kinky games. If you make this a night to remember for the both of you, I’m sure you will be handsomely rewarded!

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