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Dipsea: Changing The Game For Women

Here's why you need it in your life.


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Dipsea is a tech company and story studio behind the first audio platform for sexual wellbeing. Its first product is an app for short audio stories designed to turn women on.


Within the app, subscribers get access to an ever-growing library of bite-sized audio content (with both narrative sexy stories and non-narrative guided pieces) to turn you on and help you learn and practice self-care. The short-format approach meets women wherever they are – whether it’s getting ready before a date, enhancing intimacy with a partner in bed, or turning off boss brain on the way home from work.


We had a quick chat with one of the founders, Gina about the what, why, and how. 


What problem is Dipsea solving?

Research shows that 90% of women use “mental framing” (or scenario conjuring) to get turned on. Yet most of the innovation and investment in female pleasure has been focused on the body rather than the brain. That’s why we’ve pioneered a new kind of sensorial audio storytelling that helps women tap into their inner sexual powers and awaken the most confident, invigorated selves. The short-format approach meets women wherever they are – whether it’s getting ready before a date, enhancing intimacy with a partner in bed, or turning off boss brain on the way home from work.


Image: Dipsea


Where does the name Dipsea come from?

We want Dipsea to be incredibly accessible and approachable, so we liked the idea of being able to "dip" your toe into a “sea” of stories, or dive right in headfirst. It's also a Bay Area reference, which is where Faye and I met.


Who creates the content?

Our story studio acts as the editorial hub for a community of voice actors and freelance writers with diverse experiences, perspectives, and preferences.


Tell us a little about how Dipsea came into being?

We would often talk with our friends about how little sexually inspiring content that felt ‘made for them’. I had the idea for Dipsea after listening to Headspace one night, and realized the potential for audio as the new medium for women. My friends were all really excited about the idea, but it was Faye that was still sitting with me at the kitchen table talking about the concept until 3am every weekend. It got to the point where Faye and I were spending all of our free time reading about the psychology of arousal, desire and female sexuality. Then, when Faye read the book A Billion Wicked Thoughts, she called me from the tarmac after landing from Mexico City and was like “Gina—there’s data supporting all our ideas—we have to do this.” And so we did!


Where do you see it going/expanding from here?

We want Dipsea to be the answer to the question “Where should I go to take care of my sexual wellbeing?”, whether someone is in need of inspiration, empowerment or guidance.


Does your story library include diverse stories and perspectives, specifically LGBTQ+ and kink? (And if so – will users be easily able to find stories in their preferred niche?)
Yes! Working with a community of freelance writers means Dipsea’s stories include diverse and authentic perspectives, fantasies, and preferences. We have “her + him,” “her + her,” “him + him,” “her + them,” stories and beyond.


Dipsea was designed with women in mind because we believe women are the ones who are most underserved, but we’re an approachable place for anyone interested in sexy audio stories that set the mood and spark the imagination.


Our stories are elevated, real and feminist—and sex is portrayed as safe, consensual, and positive. These guidelines help us to determine on a case-by-case basis what kind of content is right for the Dipseaverse, and what isn’t.


Any plans for it to come to android or even desktop?

Yes! A web app is coming soon to allow greater access to Dipsea’s content, for both non-iOS users as well as listeners interested in accessing Dipsea via their desktop computers.



$5.99/month (with year subscription)

 $8.99/month (paid month-to-month)

Get it on itunes.







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