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Dear Carol,


I am constantly on the road for business; I travel both nationally and internationally. My friends tend to call me a workaholic. I am fortunate that I have a found a career that allows me to fulfill my passions which include both travel and architecture. How can I find a partner (which I desperately want) if I’m always out of town? When and if I do find someone how can I make it work if I am always travelling?




Dear Workaholic,


Life is all about balance and finding a way to achieve that balance. Nothing is impossible but; certain careers and lifestyles present more challenges to find a relationship than others. It is wonderful that you have a career that is fulfilling and that you are passionate about and the next step is finding a partner to share that with.  Although you are on the road a lot you are always going home. When you are home make time to socialize and join a lesbian group that involves one of your favourite activities. Whether that is cooking or jogging, you will be meeting other women that you share common interests with and will be having fun at the same time. Go out, socialize and always keep your options open. When you do meet someone that you begin a relationship with, remember that despite your work and travel schedule they are only a phone call, text or email away. In today’s world communication wherever you are is always possible. The key to any successful relationship is always keeping the lines of communication open. When you are on the road try communicating through Skype. Share your day with your partner face to face and she won’t seem so far away. As the relationship develops consider turning the end of a business trip into a personal vacation and send her a ticket to join you. There is nothing better than turning work into play when business is done at the end of the day!





Carol Sugar-Burke is an Executive Matchmaker for the premier gay and lesbian executive matchmaking firm Bespoke Matchmaking. For more information on Bespoke Matchmaking and to learn about our matchmaking service please click to visit our website, www.bespokematchmaking.com


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