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A Gift That Gives, And Gives Back

For Valentine’s day, Wet For Her ™, the innovative lesbian pleasure product, designers and online retailers are proud to present their latest creation, the RockHer ™.


Forget about the boring hand lotion, mushy cards, flowers or yet another scented candle.  It's time to stir things up with a unique and new lesbian sex toy for your special someone.


Created especially and exclusively for female couples, the RockHer is the first ever luxury adult toy that allows the female clitoris erotic zones to touch and stimulate together simultaneously, hands free and activated with a remote control. The unique and clever design offers a completely different experience to penetrative products in a variety of positions such as scissoring, missionary, cowgirl and more.


“I was always looking for that perfect product that I could use with my partner, that was not penetrative. After much research and the lack of finding something suitable, I was inspired to create the RockHer. We created a truly innovative scissoring product and I am so excited to now be able to offer this to other women that may be looking for something new!”, says  Alice Derock, Creator of RockHer


The textured bulb of the RockHer can be inserted for g-spot stimulation, leaving the flexible vibrating ring positioned against the vulva so both partners can enjoy and share in the pleasurable sensation. This versatile toy can also be used in reverse where the ring can be inserted, and the bulb remains on the outside pressing directly on the clitoris. This position is ideal to help create contact between partners when they are less flexible and have some space between them.


The RockHer is small yet powerful with 10 vibration modes. Made from 100% high-quality medical grade silicone and phthalate free, it’s recommended to use a water-based lubricant with the RockHer. The RockHer is conveniently USB rechargeable and comes with a wireless remote control. Running time for the RockHer is 60 minutes. It is splash proof and suitable for use in the shower, but not for full water submergence. 


The RockHer retails at $74.95 USD and is only available to purchase here. An instruction video is available to view via the above links. 


Get ready to rock her world! 


Leading the way and making a difference for both the LGBTQ+ community and women in general, Alice Derock is cranking up the volume on her unwavering commitment to focus on women empowerment and push forth her enduring message of solidarity and community building by giving back. With that in mind, a portion of the proceeds generated from the sales of the RockHer from January 15 through February 14 will be donated to the Los Angeles LGBT Center.  


"It is important for me to have Wet For Her support the lesbian community" says Alice Derock, " I am proud to team up with the Los Angeles LGBT Center this year as it celebrates its milestone 50th anniversary. It’s important to live in a world where LGBT people thrive as healthy, equal and complete members of society. This partnership is about giving back to our community and help to shape a future with equal rights!"  


As one of the primary novelty sex-toy brands for the worldwide lesbian community, Wet For Her not only speaks to the lesbian market with high-end products that are 100 % silicone and phthalate free, but also has successfully come to represent lesbian sexuality in an elegant and classy way with tools of love from the land of love: France ... ooh la la!


For further information on Wet For Her ™, please visit www.wetforher.com and follow @WetForHer




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