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Glory Days

An excerpt from author Susan E. Gilmore’s The Peace Seeker: One Woman’s Battle in the Church’s War on Homosexuality.

‘Breaking Through’ In Politics

The award-winning documentary Breaking Through comes to DVD and VOD

Archive »Stars

Summer Horoscope

Your heat index just hit a high note with both Venus and Mars in flirty, squirty air signs. Chalk up your summer flings and go head over heels… over and over. Whew!

June Horoscope

With Venus in Lusty Taurus, Mars in flirty Libra and retrograde Mercury, the planets in June are busting Out all over. Oh be still my heart!

Archive »Sex & Relationships

Sexual Health For Lesbians

How effective are the current sexual health promotion strategies in the United Kingdom for women who have sex with women?

(Dirty) Talk is Cheap

Put your honey where your mouth is.

Archive »Pets

Coming Out In the Name of Dog

Dogs embrace all of me: Not just my sexuality.

Lesbians and Pets

There's something deeper to be said for the subject of lesbians loving pets

Archive »Finance

Woman Power

A new series of workshops aims to help women increase their financial intelligence.

Taking Care of Business

Pending court decisions, estate planning remains essential for many LGBT couples.


Put Your Face to Pride

GLAAD launches #PridePortraits, an Instagram campaign that showcases the diversity of LGBT people and families
2014.06.21 01:08 AM

Win Tickets to Fortune Feimster

One of the Most Electrifying Performers in Comedy, Announces her First Theatre Tour
2014.05.22 09:42 PM